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equipment list & rental rates

All equipment is available at the OIT CTS office for will-call only.  Will-call hours are Monday through Friday from 8am to 4:30pm.

Rental equipment is charged at a daily rate, regardless of whether it's reserved for 1 hour or 10 hours.

All equipment ordered within 3 business days is charged an additional day’s rental fee. Additional charges will also be applied when equipment is returned late, is damaged, or is lost. Cancellations within 24 hours are non-refundable.

Special Note for Course Use
When equipment is requested for on-campus use by a course listed in the schedule of classes, the following exceptions will be made:

  • One (1) single wireless microphone system per instructor/course can be rented at no charge
    (Mic kit does not include speakers or amplifier. This is designed for use in SmartClassrooms containing an XLR microphone input jack. If used in any other space, functionality cannot be guaranteed.)
  • One (1) portable document camera per instructor/course can be rented at no charge
  • One (1) VHS deck per instructor/course can be rented at no charge
  • Quarterly rentals are available for most other items at a fee equal to 10 days rental.

Printable Rental Rates (pdf)


view larger Overhead Transparency Projector $7.00/day

view larger Video/Data Projector (VGA cable included for laptop use) $52.50/day


view larger Up to 70” x 70” portable tripod style screen $5.25/day

view larger 8’ x 8’ portable tripod style screen $10.50/day


view larger Basic P.A. System: 1 microphone, 1 mixer/amplifier
(4 mic inputs), 2 speakers, 1/8" mini audio cable

view larger Microphone: Wired handheld mic with 25’ cable included
(boom stand or table stand available)

view larger Lavalier Microphone: Clip-on or hanging mic on 25' cable $5.25/day

view larger Wireless Microphone System: 1 lavalier mic $10.50/day
view larger Lavalier mic (clips to lapel) comes standard with wireless system  
view larger Instructors may request a headset mic worn around the ear if desired  

view larger Wireless Microphone System: 1 handheld mic $10.50/day

view larger Wireless Microphone System: 4 handheld mics $21.00/day

view larger Conference Microphone
(can be used for audio recordings)

view larger Digital Audio/Voice Recorder $7.50/day

view larger Mic Mixer - monaural (4 mic inputs) $7.50/day

view larger Amplifier – monaural (Basic P.A. Amp) $10.50/day

view larger Speakers (pair) - Support stands and cables included $10.50/day

view larger Powered Speaker - small or large $10.50/day

view larger CD/Cassette combo player $10.00/day


view larger VHS/DVD combo player $10.50/day

view larger Camcorder (uses standard VHS video tapes) $26.25/day

view larger Document Camera
(Elmo P30 or equivalent)

view larger Portable Document Camera
(Elmo MO-1 or equivalent)


view larger Folding Projector Stand $3.75/day

view larger Plastic Cart $3.75/day

view larger Additional A/C Cable (1 free with rental) $3.75/day

view larger Additional Microphone Stand (boom or table stand) $3.75/day


Office of Information Technology

OIT Classroom Technology Support
3070 Anteater Instruction & Research Building
University of California, Irvine • Irvine, CA 92697
(949) 824-5128

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